Marcillaud and Appzzle are joining forces!

Appzzle and Marcillaud are joining forces


In order to use symbiotic effects in both the venture building-field, aswell as in the app development-business, Marcillaud and Appzzle are joining forces. This supernational co-operation allows not only knowledge-sharing, but also expanding markets for both companies while providing a service at the highest level.


Appzzle, based in Zürich, Switzerland is well-known for its innovative app development-solutions. Not only does the company understand the clients’ needs but also knows the technical aspects of app development, web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Appzzle supports you from concept-creation, to UI/UX, development, Implementation, Launch and After-Launch-Activities.

Marcillaud on the other hand is lead by Frederic Marcillaud, an international business-man with year-long experience in venture-building and leading companies. Using his vast skillset he not only comes up with innovative solutions for even the most risky ideas in different branches, but also knows how to implement them into existing business-processes.

The partnership between the two companies opens the market of Western Europe for innovative ideas, sustainable IT-solutions and last but not least for investors who are looking for being part in the next generation’s digital businesses.


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